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CURRENT MEMBERS                                                                                                    
        Dr. Emmanuel Umeyor
 Development and intranasal administration of functionalized lipid nanoemulsions incorporating artesunate and
 amodiaquine for the treatment of severe and cerebral malaria


Anjali Pandya
 Design and Development of Oral Proteins and Peptides Delivery Systems
Ghansham Bairagi
Development and preclinical evaluation of targeted theranostic nanomaterial for breast cancer
Mangesh Sane
 Fabrication of nanoparticle coated biodegradable coronary stents.
 Namrata Kadwadkar
 Application of Nanophytomedicine using traditional knowledge for treatment of hemoglobinopathies.

 Nikita Tiwari
 Intranasal Mucosal Vaccine for COVID-19
 Prashant Upadhaya
 Intranasal colloidal formulations for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Pratik Kakade
  Solid lipidic nanocarrier system for topical delivery 
 Rashmi Prabhu
 Development of novel nanovectors for cancer therapy.
 Rohit Pawar
 Development of novel diagnostic and treatment modules for infectious disease.
Sarika Jadhav
 Drug eluting device for amelioration of peripheral artery disease
 Shivraj Naik 
 Development of novel formulations for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
Shrikant Dhage
 Nutraceutical delivery using novel excipients.
 Swapnil Talkar
 Designing novel nanoformulations of anticancer drugs  .
 Vinod Ghodake
 Development of aerosol mediated delivery systems for infectious diseases.


Abhishek Rai
 Nasal cubosomes for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
Akash Vele
 Preparation and evaluation of Donepezil-LG lipid micelles for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by   intranasal route 

Apurva Pol
 Dissolving Microneedles for transdermal delivery of insulin by sustained release mechanism
Chetan Parde
 Long acting injectable formulation
Pradeep Dorik
 Levodopa hydrophobic ion pair complex for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease 

Prafull Kolekar
 Lipidic nanocarriers based topical formulation for the treatment of psoriasis

 Prashik Jamdhade
 Functional co-processed excipient for pharmaceutical application.

Rajesh Dugane
 Novel Formulation development of VEGF inhibitors to treat diabetic retinopathy
Rani Gorde
 Development of in vitro blood brain barrier model.
 Sachin Nilwarn
 Formulation and evaluation of Cocrystals
Satyam Gupta
 Antimalarial drug combination loaded NLCs for the treatment of severe malaria

Shriganesh Tak
  Site specific delivery system for the treatment of fungal keratitis
Srushti Mohite
 In vitro Ocular model for drug delivery
Somanshi Shukla
 Scaffolds for bone regeneration
 Sonali Hanjankar
 Fabrication of an artificial Blood-brain barrier
 Varsha Shelke
 Development of dissolving microneedle for transdermal delivery
 Vrushabh Zod
 Formulation and evaluation of bilayer tablets