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Current Members

 Amit Mirani
 Green Technology Assisted Nanomicrobicide Formulation for Prophylaxis of HIV/AIDS.
 Ankit Agrawal
 Fabrication of microneedle patches as a platform technology for delivery of proteins and other therapeutics.
Manasi Chogale
 Formulating novel strategies towards effective drug delivery for tuberculosis. 
Mangesh Sane
 Fabrication of nanoparticle coated biodegradable coronary stents.
Megha Swami
 Development of nanoengineered particulate carriers for antimalarial therapy.
 Namrata Kadwadkar
 Application of Nanophytomedicine using traditional knowledge for treatment of hemoglobinopathies. 
Prachi Kharkar 
 Development of Affibody conjugated nanoparticles for oncotherapy.

 Prashant Upadhaya
 Intranasal colloidal formulations for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
 Pratik Kakade
 Solid lipidic nanocarrier system for topical delivery 
Rashmi Prabhu
 Development of novel nanovectors for cancer therapy.
 Rohit Pawar
 Development of novel diagnostic and treatment modules for infectious disease.
Ronak Bhuptani
 Development of novel formulations for topical delivery which includes preparation and optimization of porous particles for improved topical retention and activity.
Sagar Dhoble
 Development of colloidal drug delivery system for Pulmonary disorders
Sandip Gite
 Development and scale up of novel controlled release dosage forms.
Shivraj Naik
 Development of novel formulations for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
Shrikant Dhage

 Nutraceutical delivery using novel excipients.
Swapnil Mohurle
 Formulation and development of nanocarriers suitable for nasal delivery to brain aimed at the delivery of anti-amyloid drugs for better management of Alzheimer’s disease. 
Swapnil Talkar
 Designing novel nanoformulations of anticancer drugs  .
Vinod Ghodake
 Development of aerosol mediated delivery systems for infectious diseases.


 Kaustubh Pawar
 Metallodendrimers for burn management and wound healing.
 Prachi Bansal 
 Devlopemnt of in vitro blood brain barrier model.
 Prashik Jamdhade
Functional co-processed excipient for pharmaceutical application.
 Shruti Lohakare
Bioadhesive for pharmecutical apllication.


 Apoorva Pardeshi 
 Drashty Mehta 
 Pintu Rathode 
 Poorva Taskar
 Purav Shah 
 Shakshi Singh 
 Tanvi Patil